Internship at Team2B

What you need to know

Requirements can differ depending on the specific destination. For instance, an accountant should possess a basic knowledge in accounting principles and exhibit basic proficiency in Excel. Conversely, a Social Media Marketing (SMM) specialist should demonstrate a fundamental grasp of social media channels, content creation, and its practical application. In our candidate selection process, we place great importance on portfolios and accomplishments. Please feel free to showcase your successes, such as competition victories, outstanding academic achievements, conference publications, and more.

Working Hours

You can work from 20 hours a week. The internship will last from 3 to 6 months by agreement with the team.

Who is this for

We welcome students in their 3-4 years of undergraduate studies and also the ones taking master's degrees, who have already acquired basic knowledge in their respective fields and are eager to delve deeper into practical work experiences. Our collaborative partnerships extend to institutions such as ASUE, the Financial and Economic College of ASUE, UFAR, and YSU.

What do we offer


The internship offers valuable mentoring: you will have a dedicated mentor who will help you develop your professional strengths while identifying and addressing areas that may require improvement. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in our complimentary courses.

Launching the Career

We will be the opening chapter of your CV and by the end of the internship, we’ll have crafted a letter of recommendation.


You’ll collaborate with an experienced curator to tackle real business challenges and gain valuable experience, all while preparing for your initial interview.

How to Join Us

Craft Your CV

Fill out the form and
attach it to your CV

Pass an interview

Come to learn and
work together

Craft Your CV

Fill out the form and attach it to your CV

Pass an interview

Come to learn and work together

Ask a question to the manager

Let's work together

We are constantly growing and looking for new specialists. Do you want to ask a question? Call or leave a request!

What's Expected of You

Your First day

You'll receive the essential equipment, meet your team and familiarise yourself with the ecosystem, and engage in discussions about your future work schedule and format.


You'll become familiar with the company's toolkits and technologies, and your mentor will provide an introduction to the project while assigning your initial tasks.

Engage in
Project Work

You will collaboratively tackle business tasks alongside your team, following a systematic step-by-step approach.

Concluding the Outcomes

We will gather feedback from both your mentor and the team, identify areas for your professional development, provide a letter of recommendation, and extend job offers to the highest-performing interns.

What else

Payment terms depend on the internship format and duration. If you are participating in a university-affiliated internship, compensation may not be applicable. However, if you are pursuing an independent internship, payment details can be negotiated with our HR department.

We see internships as an opportunity to demonstrate and enhance your existing knowledge, rather than a platform for starting from the very beginning. We anticipate that you come prepared with the basic skills necessary to kickstart your career.

Regrettably, remote internships are not feasible for us. We believe in fostering not only hard skills but also the ability to collaborate effectively within a team, which is best achieved through an in-office environment.

For our interns, we offer a flexible schedule with a workload of 20 hours per week. We expect that you will be able to visit the office on weekdays at your convenience, anytime between 10:00 and 18:00.

In summary, upon successful completion of your internship, we will provide you a recommendation letter to include in your CV.

If you are ready to join us but you are not able to be integrated fully, we can offer you a delayed start document. This offer serves as a certificate that grants you a streamlined selection process for the role.

Internships are open to students of any nationality. If you are not currently a student, you are eligible to apply if you hold citizenship in Armenia, Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, or Kazakhstan.

Include Information on your Projects, Hackathons, Internships, Teamwork, and Academic Performance, with a Special Focus on the Skills and Theoretical Knowledge Section.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to us via Telegram or Email

Alternatively, you can complete the form, and one of our managers will be in touch with you.